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UNIQUES Custom Woodcraft

UNIQUES Custom Woodcraft designs one-of-a-kind handcrafted pieces from unique salvaged wood, restoring fallen trees into something useful and beautiful for your home!

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About Us

A Brief History of UNIQUES Custom Woodcraft

UNIQUES founder, Adam Yadlowsky, has always had an interest in various forms of art.  As a child, he loved woodworking and carving, and with an upbringing in the family carpentry business, he grew in his woodworking skills.  He fell in love with the craft of mixing wood with epoxy, and his wife fell in love with the pieces he was creating for their home! Adam's passion for creating unique pieces led him to make more handcrafted items.

The Art of UNIQUES Custom Woodcraft

Though not every piece is wild in its uniqueness, there is still a practical side to most of what we make, but you will not find any two pieces the same.  We have done custom orders for clients, using unique pieces of wood that had sentimental value in the family. If you have an idea for a peace or have a tree or wood that holds sentimental values that you want crafted into something more, give us a call.  

The Heart In UNIQUES Custom Woodcraft

"I look at my work as art and restoration. Most of the products we created here at Uniques Custom Woodcraft are taken from salvaged or repurposed materials. I know we live in a time and in a country where holding strong beliefs in God and in Jesus Christ is often looked down on, however as a unashamed follower of Jesus Christ, I can't help but have a deeper connection to the idea and process of a creator full of love and care looking at something that is broken, half rotten, thrown out and considered useless, and saving it so He might pour His heart into it, working it, shaping it, and creating it into something new and beautiful." Adam Yadlowsky

The Family Behind UNIQUES Custom Woodcraft

Adam and his wife Susanna have four biological children and 3 foster children. As the kids grow, their interest in woodcraft peaks; a few of them work alongside Adam in the shop to create their own projects. UNIQUES serves as both a side business and hobby, while the rest of the time Adam is husband, father, and pastor of a small country church. Susanna is a fulltime mom and enjoys finishing and refinishing projects, playing with paints and colours and has a great eye for design.

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